Art Attacks Online and Eyesview Media is proud to present the newest mini- documentary featuring the art of Orlando artist Rebecca Rose. With the return of our series, in Season Two, Episode 1, the Art Attacks film crew have entered into the artist’s home studio and captured footage that peels back the complex layers of her process, inspiration, and story.

Rarely can a body of work transcend one artistic genre and hit a home run in terms of fine art, sculpture, fashion, and jewelry while also gaining the attention of galleries, celebrities, media, academia, and pop culture. Rarely do you find a body of work whose intellectually complex subject matter matches the compositionally complex sculptural form with the exceedingly complex process that goes into creating one. It’s as rare as the precious metals used to create each piece, each of which are comprised of multiple ounces of solid sterling silver.

Rose has shown throughout NYC galleries in Chelsea and on Madison Ave, Los Angeles, and recently welcomed into The Andy Warhol Museum in fall of 2012. Her work has been featured on the pages of British Vogue and The Mensa Bulletin, the blogs of, featured on KTLA’s “Good Day LA”, and has been collected by Andrew Lincoln and Kat Von D.