Bay area artist Joel Daniel Phillips‘ is known for his large scale graphite and charcoal figure drawings. Over the years, Phillips has used his drawing talents to connect with the community around him and in his new series “Belongings” explores the rapidly-shifting social fabric of San Francisco. The City has grown in tensions in regards to the class distinctions. Phillips’ drawings strive to make focus on individuals whose stories often get overlooked. He describes his depictions as “an attempt to play with our voyeuristic tendencies toward the indigence surrounding us, hiding in plain sight.” Phillips elaborates, “The drawings are a visual record of my striving to recognize unknown and unnoticed individuals through the tip of my pencil… I am fascinated by the intricacies and commonalities that we share as humans, and search for moments when our projected senses of self are transparent, allowing deeper, more truthful emotions to become visible.”

“Belongings” opens May 5th, 2016 at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco and runs through May 28th, 2016