Kazuki Takamatsu


Danijela Khra, editor and chief of art publication Beautiful Bizarre magazine, teams up with Leon Krasenstein, owner of the Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney, Australia, to create a group show of internationally renown portraiture artists entitled “‘Les Petit Fours“.  Inspired by the decadence of  Parisian bakeries, the 26 artists were invited to create their own ‘petit fours’ in a single square cut panel. The collection is visual candy and a great introduction to the powerhouses of the new contemporary art world.

From Danijela:
“Les Petit Fours represents the next stage of my amazing journey with beautiful.bizarre, a realization of a dream to bring the art and the artists that I love to the community. When I founded beautiful.bizarre just over two short years’ ago my vision was to create a journal that redefined the way that art periodicals are created – beautiful.bizarre is to be all about the art, presented in stunning full colour for our readers, the very best thing possible next to the artwork itself.

…Les Petit Fours is the physical manifestation of beautiful.bizarre, a chocolate box of delights to indulge your senses, but within the sweetness there is pain … and strength. Although beauty abounds, this wonderland of the feminine form in art does not hide from the travails of the female in society. I am delighted to ask you to join me as we take this next step into the world of the beautiful and the bizarre.”

Les Petit Fours” opens October 22nd, 2015 with an opening reception from 6pm-8pm. The show is on view through November 8th, 2015.

Exhibiting Artists:
Syd Bee | Jana Brike | Young Chun | Rose Freymuth-Frazier | Sonya Fu | Atsuko Goto | Melissa Hartley | Melissa Haslam | Meghan Howland | Ruben Ireland | Emma Leonard | Tracy Lewis | Alexandra Manukyan | Pippa McManus | Gabriel Moreno | Hieu Nguyen | ONEQ | Cate Rangel | Emma Sheldrake | Kelly Smith | Kazuki Takamatsu | Kelly Thompson | Ania Tomicka | Henrik Uldalen | David Wells | Kate Zambrano

For a full preview please visit Friends of Leon Gallery’s website.



Tracy Lewis




Meghan Howland


Kate Zambrano


Hieu Nguyen


Henrik Uldalen


Syd Bee


Kelly Smith


Alexandra Manukyan